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Canice Consulting Ltd: Multiplier Event – Northern Ireland

Canice consulting team had the pleasure of hosting the Student DCE Multiplier event in early June 2022 in Northern Ireland. The event was a great opportunity to showcase all of the wonderful resources to our stakeholders in NI. To read more about the event, click the link to download the summary report:

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MULTIPLIER EVENT SUMMARY REPORT 14 June 2022 – eucen – online

The SDCE Multiplier Event organised by eucen was held online on Tuesday, 14 June 2022, from 9:30 to 13:30. eucen invited its members universities to attend the event, with a special focus on teachers and their students, and also promoted the event via the European Students Union. The event gathered teachers, researchers, students and stakeholders

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Summary Multiplier Event UNIVIE, 6 May 2022

The multiplier event of UNIVIE took place at the Centre for Teacher Education at the University of Vienna. It was held on Friday 6th of May 2022 and started at 14:00 and lasted until 18:00 in the afternoon. A total of 19 local participants from different higher education institutions (HEIs) and organizations (teachers, students, program

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Want to find out a little more about the Student Digital Civic Engagers Erasmus+ project, meet the SDCE partners who are making all of this possible then just keep reading… Our objective is clear: empower students to become confident civic engagers making the most of digital technology available to them. To achieve this, we will

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The vital role of civic engagement

The vital role of civic engagement for universities-Post COVID 19 Universities play a key role in producing and disseminating knowledge through their research and teaching. Their civic role is equally important, and many universities have been very active in this area. Has COVID-19 put the brakes on their civic engagement? The outbreak has constituted a

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